Alumna/Alumnus of the Week – October 16, 2017

Jubilee Thanga completed his Masters of Divinity degree at Asia Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary in 2002, and he is one of the first graduates of the institution from Burma, now known as Myanmar. Myanmar has been the face of abject poverty in the South East Asian region, and the ones who are in the farthest

New Degree Announcement – Doctor of Ministry in Transformational Ministry

The Doctor of Ministry in Transformational Ministry is a new degree program at APNTS. The first classes will be January 2-12, 2018. This degree is offered specifically for practitioners who are active in the ministry. It is a fully accredited doctoral level degree which accepts those who have had an MDiv or equivalency. Since the

APNTS Hosts Missions Symposium

On Wednesday, October 11, 2017, APNTS hosted a contextual ministry symposium titled, “Crossing Borders: Cultural and Missional Ideas.”  The keynote speaker was Dr. Melba Padilla-Maggay, a writer and social anthropologist, who is also the co-founder and current President of the Institute for Studies in Asian Church and Culture. Dr. Maggay is highly regarded and respected

Alumna/Alumnus of the Week – October 9, 2017

LIGHT AMIDST THE DARKNESS Morita Onofre Dialing Darkness has veiled over Marawi. A city once known to be a peaceful ground where Muslim and Christian Filipinos co- exist has now become a city made desolate by war and death.  The armed conflict between the Philippine government and affiliated militants of the Islamic State of Iraq

APNTS Celebrates 7th President Inauguration