Christine Rosemel Onofre Dialing

In 2016, Christine Rosemel Onofre Dialing graduated from APNTS with a Master of Arts in Religious Education degree. In 2015, Christine had also received a Graduate Certificate in Missions. In addition, she earned her undergraduate degree from Visayan Nazarene Bible College with a Graduate Certificate in Language Teaching Ministry in 2013.

Christine’s education equipped her well for now serving in Thailand as an English teacher for both The School of Promise and the Maetaeng Tribal Children’s Home. The School of Promise is a bilingual school under the direction of Hope International Schools. Their vision and mission is to provide a hope and a future to a developing world through sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. An education is given to the students and their families, which research shows will break the cycle of poverty and oppression. Intercultural studies take place here due to the enrollment of diverse nations, Thai tribes, cultures, missionary kids and minister’s children. Educators interested in these type of environments and challenges would find this center a great opportunity to serve.

Located in Northern Thailand is the Maetaeng Tribal Children’s Home, serving children from various tribes and villages a distance from their home. During school days the time is spent teaching and educating the children who also enjoy quality play time and story-telling. This is also a form of evangelism designed to strengthen and equip the children as followers of Jesus. The students emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual needs are also enhanced in this holistic manner. Leaders who are looking for ways to serve, educate and evangelize are welcomed to apply as English teachers, Vacation Bible School (VBS) volunteers, and discipleship facilitators in Thailand.

The intercultural community at APNTS, prepared Christine for the services she is performing in Thailand. The lifestyle on campus taught her the beauty of diversity and also to appreciate, accept, and adapt to the differences surrounding her in a new culture. Christine comments, “First of all, I praise God, the first and greatest missionary for sending me here. I praise and thank Him for sustaining my life every day. At MTCH specifically, I praise God for every new student who comes to my class. I always consider it a miracle and an answered prayer for them, as coming to my class takes a lot of courage and determination. Also, for helping me find my way not only as an English teacher, but also as I connect with people; children, youth, and adults, especially with the Northern Thailand District churches. To me, the developing friendships that I have with my students, the church people, and the community, those outside the school and church, are very important in this mission assignment as my life now doesn’t revolve around myself, but mainly to the people whom God has called me to serve.”

Christine indicates that the language barrier is a challenge for her, especially at MTCH. Most of the children speak their native language more than English, which makes conversation and comprehension difficult when it comes to learning in an English speaking environment. Connection is another factor, especially with a congregation with a limited number of English speaking youth and adults. Learning Lahu and Thai has been an exercise that continues to teach her to enjoy the discoveries of connection and learning with new groups of people. As a volunteer missionary under the Nazarene Mission Corps, Christine raises her own support to reside in Thailand. Despite these challenges, Ms. Dialing continues to daily put her trust in God who continues to provide for and guide her.

Christine encourages the community of APNTS to pray for the following: The School of Promise – the students, staff and teachers who are giving their time to the school, more volunteers to be English Teachers Communication Director, and Finance Officer, as well as sponsorship for the students. Provided is a link where you can visit the website to learn more about how you can be a sponsor –

For the Maetaeng Tribal Children’s Home (MTCH), please pray the following concerns: that the children living at the home will see Christ through the lives of the volunteers, and grow in their relationship with Him; more volunteers to work with the children, sponsorships for the students, funds for the needs of the MTCH operation, and funds for the Christmas party to be held for the children from the surrounding community. It is the hope that God’s love will be extended and ministered to the Buddhist people.

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