Culture Days

The APNTS motto, “Bridging Cultures for Christ,” has been clearly portrayed on campus recently by the Culture Days presented by students from Korea and Myanmar. Each year, students are given the opportunity to share the unique aspects of their home cultures during a Chapel service.

The first Culture Day of the year featured students from Korea. Prior to the service, the audience was treated to face-painting of the Korean flag symbol. While students marched in carrying the flag of their country, the national anthem of Korea, Aegukga, was played. This title translates to “The Song of Love for the Country.” A message brought by Boungho Lee, was followed by a dramatic dance and an entertaining Korean rap song. Our Korean students kicked off APNTS Culture Days with a memorable and meaningful display of their home country.

The following week it was time for Myanmar culture to be presented. Once again, the audience participated by wearing Myanmar face paint made from ground bark, which is a distinctive feature of the culture. The Myanmar national anthem, Kaba Ma Kyei, was sung by students while waving the Myanmar flag and wearing traditional dress. One of the highlights of the service was paying honor to those “over 60.” From a young age, respect of the older generation is taught in the home. Gifts were given to the honorees and, in exchange, a prayer was offered for the young students. A traditional dance was also performed which told a story of young love.

We praise God for the rich cultures of the Asian Region, and look forward as other countries are depicted in future services.