Current Needs


  • 10% Specials
    • APNTS Communications Professor

      Out-of-Pocket travel and living expenses for a volunteer Professor of Communications from the USA to serve at APNTS for six months of each year. Half must be raised by 12/31/15 so the assignment can start on 1/1/2016.
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    • APNTS Presidents Partners

      Partners to support APNTS in such a way that the funds can be used where most needed to meet seminary needs as identified by Dr. Im.
      $1000 (x60)
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    • Basketball Court

      Install covered roof structure and provide updates to the existing outdoor concrete court. This is a wonderful outreach tool to our community as well as a vital part of exercise and good health for the APNTS students and staff. A roof and upgrade are desperately needed for safety, health, and comfort in the rainy, hot Philippines.
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    • Child Center (Nielson Center Building)

      (On the mezzanine of the 2nd floor) This will be a place for the children of students, faculty and staff, and for bi-weekly Kids Klubs.
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    • Coach Bus

      This project will allow the purchase of a 29+1 passenger bus for multiple seminary uses
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    • Completion of Stairwells

      The two, large, five-story stairwells in the NCEE building need to be completed. Presently, these are bare concrete and are not safe. This will enable the near completion of the NCEE building.
      $50000 (x2)
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    • Dean of Students Development Fun

      This fund is for the development of the students to their full potential, by raising funds for services that would cater to the students Spiritual, Leadership, Social and Physical well-being.
      $25 (x200)
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    • Faculty Development Fund

      Facilitates the indigenization of the faculty by providing tuition and related expenses for one year for one current faculty member.
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    • IT Upgrade

      Integrated Academic Operating System – This is a computer program and design that integrates finances, student and alumni records, tracks academic progress, provides on-line access for payment of student accounts, etc. This system will also enable and enhance extension programs across the very large region.
      $1500 (x20)
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    • Library Lamps and Computers

      We need a dozen workstations in our library for student and faculty use.
      $1050 (x9)
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    • Parking Lot Repair/Upgrade

      Improve NCEE building parking lot to include guard house, landscaping,curbs, sidewalks, improved drainage. Parking is needed on that side of the campus. It provides for handicap access to many of the classrooms and facilities on campus.
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    • Pastoral Internship

      Allows a student to pastor a church while enrolled at APNTS, providing weekly subsidy and transportation allowance for a year.
      $1500 (x10)
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    • Prayer and Spiritual Reflection Roof Deck Garden

      Nielson Center for Education and Evangelism Building: complete the construction of the roof deck into a peaceful and quiet place for reflection, Bible studies, campus events, classroom activities and even weddings. This location offers an amazing view of the vast city of Metro Manila and the prayer that is needed for its 19 million inhabitants.
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    • Sound System

      This project will enable the purchase of a sound system (sound board, microphones, and speakers) for the campus chapel.
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    • Student Scholarships

      A single student’s one year’s tuition.
      $2500 (x44)
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  • Work & Witness
    • APNTS IT Infrastructure Rehabilitation

      – Taytay, Philippines (Asia-Pacific)
      – Site Coordinator: Clark Armstrong
      – Team Opportunity
      The current IT infrastructure of APNTS is outdated and in need of significant upgrading. Team will be involved in assessment and upgrades of the overall network.
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    • Student Dormitory

      – Manila, Philippines (Asia-Pacific)
      – Team Opportunity
      The previous development of APNTS has been focused on the educational needs of the campus. We are currently in the process of reassessing the needs of our growing student body.
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