English Faculty

Full Time Professor/Director

Jocel Sancho Longcop

Bachelor of Secondary Education (PEHM)
Master of Divinity (Missions)
Graduate Certificate in Language Teaching

Assistant Professors (Part time)

Helen Hernandez Caparas

Graduate Diploma in Religious Education
Certificate in Language Teaching (units)

Rogelio Macabuhay

Ph.D. in Holistic Child Development (candidate)
Doctor of Ministry
Master of Divinity
Bachelor of Arts in Theology

Emerald Longcop Jocson

Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication
Diploma in Christian Communication

Deborah Homillano

Bachelor of Secondary Education (English)
Master of Arts in Education (units)

Tutorial Team

Professional Tutors

Ryan Cardinal
Edison Penafiel
Arscent Grace Piliin
Mila Hallig
Mary Ann Eugenio
Lot Hallig

Trained APNTS’ Student – Tutors (Master’s Degree & Ph.D)

Apple Sancho (Philippines)
Chita Thupitor (India)
Wobeni Lotha (India)
Nehemiah Bathula (India)
Christine Dialing (Philippines)