Facilities & Fees

1. Lunch

P45.00 to 100.00/meal

2. Lodging (cash payment every 1st week of month) Per Month

Dormitory P2,500 per person
Couples Dorm Apartment (studio type) P5,500
Family Dorm Apartment (2 bedrooms) P6,500

Student’s Guest is P150.00 per night (must be booked at least 1 day before the guest arrives. Maximum of 3 days).

3. Guest fees (cash payment upon booking) Per Night

Check In Time: 2:00 pm
Check Out Time: 12:00 noon

Nazareth Hall Dormitory P3000 per room / day (good for 6 people)
VMC Guest Room P1500 per room / day
VMS Suites P2000 per room / day
VMC Dormitory P5800 per room / day (good for 12 people per dorm)
Laundry Service P25 / kilo (minimum of 2 kilos)

4. Housing rent deposit (refundable upon moving off campus)

Key P 200
Singles Dormitory P2,500
Couples Dorm Apartment P5,500
Family Dorm Apartment P6,500

5. Furniture and Appliances Rentals Per month

(For couples and Family apartments, subject to availability)

Refrigerator P400
Electric or cooking gas stove P75
Roll- away stove table P50
Bed & mattress P100
Chest of drawers P50
Lamp table P50
Study desk P50
Two-seat couch & chair P100
Dining table P100
Book case P15
Additional chairs P10 each

6. Utilities Fees Per month

LAUNDRY P 100/ person
(with or without personally- owned washing machine)
WATER (except dormitory) P 75/ person

NOTES (1) For student apartments, other electricity and utility charges, such as air-conditioners, will be per meter. (2) Students who own electricity-consuming appliances are required to report these appliances to the Central Office on the day of registration or purchase. (3) Cooking gas purchases are to be paid in cash

7. Facilities Fees

*rates computed with minimum 4 hours use

Chapel P2,000 (300 for every exceeding hour)
NCEE building roof-top P7,000 (500 for every exceeding hour)
Cobb Worship Center P15,000 (2000 for every exceeding hour)
Horizon Hall P7,000 (100 for every exceeding hour)
Anjung Conference Room P5,000 (750 for every exceeding hour)
Grounds P3,000 (500 for every exceeding hour)