Frequently Asked Questions


When is the Enrollment?

Registration is scheduled before the classes every semester begins. The schedule is posted in APNTS website, APNTS’ Official Facebook Page and Registrar’s Facebook Page.

When is the deadline for the submission of Admission Requirements?

Students will have submitted all of the above within one month of APNTS Registration for either the first or second semester or summer modules.

When is the best time to come to the school?

New students may arrive no earlier than one week before Registration.

What is the duration of the course?

Duration of the course may vary on each degrees.
For Master of Arts in Religious Education (MARE) – See Catalog for more Details!

For Master of Science in Theology – See Catalog for more Details!

For Master of Arts in Christian Communication (MACC) – See Catalog for more Details!

For Master of Divinity (MDIV) – See Catalog for more Details!

What are the documents needed for Admission?

Kindly refer to the page Application Process Click Here!

How much should I pay upon enrollment?

PhD Students should pay in full.

MA student who pays in full gets 5% tuition discount. Installment Plan maybe approved by the Business Manager. Down payment required for:

  • First time Student : 25% tuition and 100% Misc Fees
  • Returning Students: 25% tuition and 75% Misc Fees
How much is the tuition and fees?

Kindly refer to the page Tuition & Fees

Masters Tuition & Fees

PhD Tuition & Fees

How much is the Application Fee?

The application fee is $20 (or its peso equivalent).

How many units are required for part-time students?

There is no minimum number of units required.

How can I send the Payment?

You may send your payment through the school’s bank account. For details, you may contact the Business office at

How can I avail of scholarships?

Any student is eligible to apply for scholarship assistance.

How can I apply for admission?

The application form is available online.
You may also contact our Registrar Ms. Judy Pabilando at

Do you offer online courses?

We are in the process of offering more classes online. “Stay tuned” for details.

Am I allowed to cross-enroll at your school?

Yes, provided that you will submit to us a copy of your transcript from your school and the letter from your current school stating that they are allowing you to cross-enroll at APNTS.


How much is the Student Visa Fee?

Kindly refer to Visa Fee Section on International Students Page Click Here!

How long does a student need to wait to receive the Student Visa?

Usually 2 months.


How to get a Housing Request Form?

Please see the APNTS Studnet Housing Coordinator – Ms. Michelle Cainglet or contact her at

How much is the housing fee for short-term or long-term stay?

Kindly check HERE

Do you offer housing on campus?

YES, we are offering housing on campus for singles, couples and even for students with families.