Jubilee Thanga part 2

Part 2 –

The work of the Lord in Myanmar through Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary alumnus, Jubilee Thanga, is as inspiring as it is exciting. Over 50 children who were once student’s in their salvation camps and kids’ clubs, are now students in Bible colleges preparing themselves to be pastors, evangelists, missionaries, and teachers of children. Furthermore, 37 new churches have been planted as a result of the children ministries, and 10 of these belong to the Church of the Nazarene.

Many villages and communities where Jubilee and his team have lead children’s salvation camps and weekly kids’ clubs are experiencing transformation, and it is the very kids they served who are initiating these activities. “In most of the villages we have served, children have started prayer and fasting every weekend. Many of the children bring their Bible to school, and read the Bible in the presence of their classmates whenever they are free,” Jubilee shares. The children in Jubilee’s ministry are also changing the socio-cultural norms of their community. The traditional Burmese family does not perceive children as leaders but mere followers. However, in some of the places where Jubilee and his team have shared the gospel, the children are paving the way for their family members to know Christ through leading family devotions. The children are also taking the lead in evangelism. Jubilee recalls, “Our kids visit from house-to-house to pray for their sick neighbors and even preach on the street early in the morning and in the evening.” As the children pray for their neighborhoods to live for Christ, the spiritual changes translate to physical as, “many villages start experiencing less and less tobacco and liquor use, and we are looking to begin a campaign for tobacco and alcohol-free schools and villages.”

The fruits of Jubilee and his team’s ministry are remarkable, to say the least. It is evident that the hand of God is upon the work of their hands. We at APNTS, as a community of faith who stands alongside them, have the opportunity to pray for the requests Jubilee shared:
1. Many parents do not teach Bible and/or moral education to their children, which is a very significant issue in Myanmar. Also, we realized that many Sunday School teachers have not had proper training in the Bible, or for children ministries. There is a need to develop a certificate or diploma level course for holistic children’s ministry that can be credited and offered by any Nazarene institute in Asia.
2. We urgently need a volunteer trainer or teacher who is an expert in biblical nurturing of children and family related issues, to help us train teachers, educate pastors, and parents.
3. Christmas season is the only Christian Festival we have in Myanmar, and we are free to do many ministries. During this season, we organize many public evangelism activities with children and youth. A missionary team who can come and help with our activities is needed. In 2018, we are planning to distribute 800,000 activity books which will tell the Christmas story.
4. Starting each March until May we run summer camps for 10,000 children in twelve regions of the country. Please pray for a gospel team or individual teacher to help us run the program in our salvation camps. Also, puppet players, English as Second Language teachers, and song & game teachers are also needed.

Interested ministry partners may contact Jubilee via jubileethanga@gmail.com.