Application Process


For successful admission to APNTS:

  • Students will have graduated with a baccalaureate degree from a government-recognized or accredited college, university or Bible College. (Students may be asked to submit college catalogues, syllabi or other documents in order to indicate the academic level of undergraduate work.)
  • An application form will have been carefully filled out by the applicant. Such forms can be obtained from the Registrar upon request, and are available on-line. The application form requires that the student supply a small recent picture, and that the prospective student list the names of at least four persons who will recommend the student. The Registrar will correspond directly with individuals indicated by the student on the application form.
  • The application fee of P1000.00 (or its US$ equivalent) will have been submitted to APNTS.
  • The Registrar will have received recommendations from the four persons listed on the application form.
  • Official transcripts of all baccalaureate and graduate schools attended by the student will have been presented to the Registrar.
  • Students will have shown a college academic average grade of at least B-.
  • Students who are transferring credits from other theological seminaries or graduate schools will have submitted a statement of honorable dismissal and a recommendation for admission. A transcript of courses is also required.
  • Students will have submitted an official, standardized, internationally recognized English test result.
  • Students will have submitted all of the above within one month of APNTS Registration for either the first or second semester or summer modules.
  • Students desiring to live on campus will have submitted a Request for Housing application.
  • Students desiring financial assistance will have submitted a Scholarship Application Form.
  • Provisional admission may be given to students falling short of full admission requirements.