Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary, a graduate school in the Wesleyan tradition, prepares men and women for Christlike leadership and excellence in Ministries.

Our Vision

Bridging Cultures for Christ, APNTS equips each new generation of leaders to disseminate the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout Asia, the Pacific and the World


Our Strategic Objectives

1. APNTS to proactively establish/foster partnership with undergraduate and graduate education institutions in the Asia-Pacific Region, with special emphasis on graduate education.
a. APNTS in harmony with it’s mission and vision:

    • i. will deliver graduate level programs (e.g. MDiv, MST,MMiss,ThM, PhD)
    • ii. will educate teachers who are competent in training instructors who will teach in harmony with field strategy and with Nazarene and evangelical institutions on the Asia-Pacific Region.
    • iii. will equip reproductive leaders who disciple believers to plant and develop churches.
    • iv. will collaborate with and assist sister Nazarene institutions to do the same.


b. APNTS to put special emphasis on graduate education.
c. APNTS to develop/implement effective education delivery methods within the APR (e.g. on-site modules, online education, video conferencing, etc.)
d. APNTS to (work with Field leadership) to appoint/establish coordinators within each of the relevant Fields to facilitate APNTS programs and projects.

2. The President will direct a team to bring an in-depth report to the next BOT meeting on accreditation issues outlining who we are accredited by and the implications for post-graduate study and teaching in other countries. The report should also explore other credentialing options.

3. Develop and strengthen the Donald Owens School of World Missions:
a. promote APNTS as a center for training in cross cultural ministry and missional leadership.
b. work with the Regional office in locating faculty (both fulltime and adjunct) with training and expertise in missiology and church planting.
c. expand curriculum to include courses related to Missional churches for Asian Cities.

4. Emphasize faculty development, including recruitment for new faculty, the continuing professional enhancement of current faculty members, and the development of clear human resources policies related to contracts and salaries.