Students from KNU at APNTS


Have you noticed new faces on campus recently? If so, it might be one of the students participating in the Accelerated English Program (AEP) which is taking place at this time.  16 students arrived from Korean Nazarene University on 12-28-15, and we have the privilege of hosting them until 2-18-16.  AEP, under the direction of Jocel Longcop, is a total immersion experience of learning and speaking the English language.  Included in the classes are sessions that focus on listening skills, writing skills, grammar, conversational skills, and special lectures from our faculty.  Sports are also a part of the curriculum.

AEP is not only academic, but is also a program where students get to experience a multi-national environment.

After a long day of learning, the students have had opportunities to explore during evenings and week-ends. Activities of interest have included field trips to national museums, tourist spots, attending movies, going out to eat, swimming at a resort, plus numerous other events.


Under Jocel’s leadership, there have been many who have provided exceptionally valuable assistance by volunteering their services. These include professors and instructors, tutors, cooks, activity guides, and a host of others.  Upon the completion of the program, exams will take place, and students have the opportunity to receive a diploma or certificate as a result of their studies.

KNU AEP 2015-16

As you come across our friends from Korea, please extend warm greetings to them. When the time comes for their return to Korea, our goal is they will agree that APNTS is the B.E.S.T. and greatest seminary!